Saturday, October 30, 2010

Potent potables por favour

So, I was thinking about Mexican beverages and discovered that besides government approved Tequilla or Mescal and the working mans illegal Raicilla (rye-SEE-ya) or what we call up north moonshine, there is yet another mysterious beverage made from the Agave called 'Pulque' also known as Mayan Madness.

Pulque has been around for a few thousand years and was reserved for the elderly, nursing mothers and the elite.  Not sure about the elite, but god knows the elderly and nursing mothers can use a little kick-a-poo joy juice every once in a while.  Eventually, Spanish rule put strict regulations in place to curtail public drunkeness and indigenous demorilization. 

Women and men had seperate Pulquerias but today women are banned altogether, although they can still imbibe through a handy street side order window (no onions, hold the mayo) set up next to a Pulqueria. It is noted that women would not want to hang out in these vestiges of machismo anyway as they leave a lot to be desired in the realm of esthetics what with the saw dust floors, flies buzzing thickly and when mother nature calls, an open tiled urinal at one end of the room. Not to mention all the really great guys that hang out there.

In the 19th century Pulquerias were elegantly decorated with mahogony bars and paper decorations and had really interesting names like 'Recuerdos del Futuro' Memories of the Future, 'Ultima Parada' Last Stop and my favorite 'Mi Vida No Vila Nada' or My Life is Nothing.  Wow, I want to go there.

I must find a Pulqueria and satisfy my thirst for all things Mexican.

Next week, fun with drug cartels.

mas tarde mis amigos